• YEP Sponsor

  • Premier Partner- $1,000

    As a Premier Partner, you will be featured in all Press Releases. Local publicity featuring the new partnership will help your potential customers understand your commitment to small business success in our community and in America, and help potential students learn about this life-changing program. Our program would also proudly publicize your support as a Premier Partner at all signature events throughout the year.

    Recognition of Your Commitment

    • Recognition at, and invitations to, all signature events throughout the year
    • Investor Panel Event
    • CEO Roundtable Event
    • Trade Show “Thank you” story on social media, company logo & link on our website
  • “Shark”                    $750

    • Panel Judge and Business Investor
    • Your story on social media
    • Company logo and link on our website

    Start-up Partners     $250

    • Recognition of Your Commitment at Investor Panel.

    Venture Partner       $50

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