• Committees

  • Innovative Training


    At the Cedar Hill Chamber, we are always looking for opportunities to bring innovative and exciting training opportunities to our members and the community. 


    We have hosted in 2018-2021 and plan to host in the coming years: 

    • Texas Hospitality & Customer Service Training
    • IGNITE Conference
    • Competitive Edge Business Forum
    • Competitive Edge Live Video and Audio Podcast 
    • Chamber 101 (quarterly membership benefits training) 


    Just to name a few. As we grow and progress we are looking for new ideas and help to support our existing programs. If you are interested in partnering with us in this capacity. Please fill out the form below and let us know! We will contact you soon to tell you more. 


  • Collaborative Partnerships


    Collaborative Partnerships are a huge opportunity to connect with businesses, membership, and much more.

    There are amazing opportunities to partner with our schools, nonprofits, organizations, and groups that we want to share with you all.


  • Advocacy


    The Advocacy Committee will help our chamber to look into issues that directly impact us politically. While we can't endorse a candidate we can take stances on issues that impact our city, region, state, and nation. We have partners listed below that we can connect with to spread a wider net on issues pertinent to Cedar Hill and the surrounding community.