• YEP Program



    Entrepreneurs and the Business Plan

    What Is an Entrepreneur?, Business Ethics, Overview of the Business Plan, Identifying Innovative Business Concepts, Overview of Business Careers, Entrepreneur, Manager or Technician, Concepts to Know, Business Plan Issues

    Opportunity Analysis

    Purpose of the Opportunity Analysis, Market Research, Industry and Customer Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Sources of industry, Customer and Competitor Information, Market Segmentation, Defining a Target Market, Perceptions, and Needs of the Target Market, Careers in Market Research and Analysis, Preparing for Team Meetings, Concepts to Know

    Organization Plan

    Purpose of the Organization Plan, Company Name and Vision, Forms of Ownership, Days and Hours of Operation, Outsourcing, Staffing, Management Team Organizational Chart, Employee Compensation, Choosing a Location, Space Requirements and Leasing, Equipment, Leased-Space Improvements and Web Site Costs, Leasing Versus Purchasing Equipment, Floor Plan, Careers in Operations, Human Resources and Computer Information Systems

    Marketing Plan

    Purpose of the Marketing Plan, Product, Service or Store Strategy, Pricing Strategy, Distribution Strategy, Forms of Promotion, Selling Strategy, Advertising Strategy, Publicity Strategy, Sales Promotion Strategy, Future Growth Strategies, Sales Forecast, Careers in Marketing

    Financial Plan

    Purpose of the Financial Plan, Income Statement, Cash Flow Projection Statement, Start-up Capital Requirements, Sources of Start-up Capital, Repayment Plan, Balance Sheet, Careers in Accounting and Finance

    Written Business Plan and Oral Presentation

    Purpose and Overview of the Business Plan, Executive Summary, Sections in the Written Business Plan, Written Plan Checklist, Sections In the Oral Presentation, Visual Aids for the Oral Presentation, Oral Presentation Checklist, Non-­Disclosure Agreement, Preparing for a Career

    Business Etiquette and Attire