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  • The Cedar Hill Farmers Market managed by the Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce is a public market where Vendors sell their products directly to consumers.

    Location of the Market:

    The Farmers Market is located in the parking lot at the southeast corner of S. Broad St and Texas St. in the Historic Downtown of Cedar Hill. This is behind the Chamber building at 300 Houston St. Cedar Hill, TX 75104.

    Market Days:

    The 2022 Farmers Market will operate 2nd and 4th Saturdays from June through October:
    June 11, June 25, July 9, July 23, August 13, August 27, September 10, September 24, October 8*, October 22.
    Due to existing special event planning, October 8th may be a limited event, details regarding attendance will be communicated to vendors leading up to the date.
    The Farmers Market hours are 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.


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  • Definition of “Vendor” & Permitted Products:

    A Vendor is a producer/grower who is offering for sale, products that have been raised, prepared, created or manufactured by the Vendor, members of his family or employees:

    • Products for human consumption, such as produce, apiary products, syrups, fish, meat, eggs, cottage goods (https://texascottagefoodlaw.com/labels/), products for pet consumption, and prepared food from food trucks.
    • Non-edible products such as cut or potted flowers or plants, garden or kitchen items, food related products, or natural beauty items.
    • Arts, crafts, jewelry, or other similarly unique items made locally.

    The Space shall not be used for any other purposes without the Chamber’s prior written permission.

    No alcohol shall be sold.

    Space Rental:

    Season Pass $125 ($100 for Chamber Members)
    Electricity Add-on Fee $50

    Weekly Pass $25 ($20 for Chamber Members)
    Electricity Add-on Fee $10

    Youth Entrepreneur:


    As a Chamber of Commerce, local business is one of our core pillars. We want to encourage the youth in our community learning to do business. We have secured a section of the Farmers Market for our young growers, bakers, crafters, and artisans.

    The Cedar Hill Chamber sponsors two spaces for youth entrepreneurs (12 and under) whose business meets the market requirements of permitted products. If your child or someone you know is 12 years of age or younger and would like to participate in the Cedar Hill Farmers Market, please contact our office

    (972) 291-7817 | admin@cedarhillchamber.org


  • Please return completed applications to the Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce


    (972) 291-7817

    300 Houston St
    Cedar Hill, TX 75104


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  • Vendors and their employees must conform to the Market rules or will forfeit their space. Vendor must be responsible to ensure anyone assisting in their booths are in compliance with the Cedar Hill Farmers Market Rules of Operation.

    The Market manager has full authority to enforce the rules:

    • Vendor Space. Standard vendors will have a 10’x10’ space to use. Vendors with a truck or trailer will work with the Chamber regarding their space needs. Vendors must furnish their own tables, chairs, refrigeration, display equipment, canopy, and weights. All equipment and displays must be kept clean at all times.
    • Set-Up. Not earlier than 7:30 AM and no later than 8:50 AM on each Market Day, Vendor shall cause its stands to be erected in the Space. Vendor shall only erect stands for the purpose of selling goods to be erected on paved portions of the Space. All Vehicles being unloaded must be out of the market area by 8:35 AM. After 8:40 AM, barricades are put in place and the lot will be open to pedestrian traffic only.
    • Take Down. By 2 PM on each Market Day, Vendor shall cause its stands to be disassembled and its Space to be cleaned of all debris. Vendor shall cause its Space to be restored to the condition it was in before the Market Day. Vendors are responsible for and must remove all waste from their space after the market closes. Vendor Space after the market closes must be left in the same or better condition than before the market began.
    • Food Safety. Vendors are responsible for transporting and displaying food with adequate protection against contamination. Any type of meat, poultry, fish, refrigerated dairy product, and other temperature sensitive items must be kept refrigerated/frozen at all times. Sale of spoiled or unwholesome products is prohibited.
    • Customer Service. Vendors and their employees must, at all times, conduct themselves in a pleasant, courteous and respectful manner and must avoid unduly loud or vulgar language, drinking alcohol, being intoxicated or engaging in any behavior that is argumentative or belligerent.
    • Solicitation in areas of the market by/for any Vendor from outside their allotted vendor space is prohibited. No vendor is allowed to "walk the market" with samples, coupons, or literature. Advertising and sales may only be conducted within your assigned space. Attracting attention by hawking or calling out is prohibited.
    • Attendance. Vendors are asked to commit to the entire season. Obviously, days will need to be taken off, but we ask for weekly attendance as much as possible. If you know of a market day that you are not available, please let the Chamber of Commerce know that you plan to be absent no later than the Monday before market day. Multiple absences may result in forfeit of your vendor space.
    • Cancellations. There is no reimbursement for vendors that are unable to attend a market day. There is no reimbursement if the market is not able to open for weather related events, Force Majeure/Acts of God, or if the market cannot open due to scheduling conflicts for other events taking place in the Historic Downtown area.
    • Parking. Vendors cannot park in the two public parking lots across the street from the market (Behind Sims Drive-In or next to the Downtown Church of Christ Building). These spaces are to be left available for market attendees. Vendors are asked to park in the spaces along the road in front of the old Phillips Hardware/Millwork buildings on S. Broad Street.
    • Electricity. Limited outlets are available for Vendors at an additional cost to plug in their extension cords to power necessary equipment. Power should not be used for displays, lights or other optional items. Vendors should make note on the application if they need power.
    • Space Assignments. Each vendor is assigned a vendor space by the market manager. Vendor space is not transferable without prior agreement from the Chamber. Vendors must not exceed their allotted space or relocate without prior permission. When necessary for the market’s needs, Vendors may be moved temporarily or permanently. There is no reimbursement if a Vendor is unhappy with their space reassignment.
    • Generators are only allowed for Food Trucks/Trailers. Any generators used must be the Ultra Quiet design (less than 62dB). Generators must be set-up to prevent noise and exhaust from entering the market area.
    • Smoking/Vaping/Electronic Cigarettes is/are prohibited in the Market.
    • The Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce will select products/vendors which complement the market.
    • The Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce market management reserves the right to restrict or terminate any vendor's activity or remove any product, which, at its sole discretion, is considered objectionable or inappropriate or is detrimental to the quality of the market as a whole. In the event of any restrictions or evictions, the Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce and any affiliates will not be liable for any refund or other expenses incurred by Vendor.
    • The Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to amend or add to the applicable rules pertaining to and governing the Cedar Hill Farmers Market at any time before and during the current season. All participating vendors at the Cedar Hill Farmers Market may at any time request a current version of the Cedar Hill Farmers Market Rules of Operation from the Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce management. The interpretation of all the rules by the management shall be final.

    By accepting and paying for a vendor space at the Cedar Hill Farmers Market, you agree to adhere to these rules and guidelines. Violating these rules may be cause for eviction from the market.


    The Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce is not responsible for the theft or damage of property or equipment on Market premises.