• Texas High-Speed Train Announces Major Step Forward with FRA Action on Rule of Particular Applicability

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    Caroline Jennings
    LDWW Group for Texas Central

    Texas High-Speed Train Announces Major Step Forward with FRA Action on Rule of Particular Applicability

    DALLAS (Sept. 4, 2019) – Texas Central, developer of the high-speed train, announced today that its
    petition for rule making to issue a Rule of Particular Applicability (RPA) has been granted by the Federal
    Railroad Administration. The RPA is a comprehensive set of custom rules that will be applicable
    specifically to Texas Central and used to govern the railroad’s system and operations between Houston
    and Dallas. Texas Central’s petition was filed in April 2016.

    “The FRA’s action on the Rule of Particular Applicability (RPA) marks a major milestone in our quest to
    bring a transformative mobility solution, while minimizing impact on the environment and land use, as
    opposed to other options” said Carlos F. Aguilar, CEO, Texas Central. “We thank Administrator Batory for
    his leadership in bringing high speed rail service to the United States. We will meet or exceed all
    requirements the FRA mandates, to ensure we have the safest high-speed rail system in the world.”

    The Texas train will be based on Central Japan Railway’s Tokaido Shinkansen technology, the world’s
    safest mass transportation system. It has transported over 10 billion passengers with an impeccable
    safety record of zero operational passenger fatalities and zero accidents since it was first deployed in
    1964. Texas Central will bring the latest generation of this technology to the United States, the N700S,
    which will be introduced into revenue service in Japan, in the coming months.

    Texas Central is developing a new high-speed train that will connect North Texas, the Brazos Valley and
    Houston, using proven, world-class technology. The 90-minute trip will provide a safe, reliable and
    productive transportation alternative. The company’s market-led approach is backed by investors, not
    government grants, a new business model for infrastructure advances. Texas Central and its affiliated
    entities will be responsible for the system’s design, finance, construction, operation and maintenance.
    See more at www.texascentral.com.
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