• IGNITE Speaker Announcement #9 Mary White: Different Communication Styles = Collaboration or Conflict?

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    In 1991, Mary White formed the training and organizational development firm WTC Performance Group. The company does consulting in a variety of industries on the challenges associated with reducing the gap between what companies wish was happening and what actually is happening. Mary credits her real-world experience in leadership development, operations management, sales, and training with her ability to connect with her clients. Mary's passion as a facilitator & organizational development consultant is driven by her belief in the power of engaging people in solutions. Mary is active within the Cedar Hill community serving on the boards of the Cedar Hill Education Foundation and the Zula B. Wylie Public Library as well as being an active member of the Chamber of Commerce

    Mary will be teaching on the topic of Different Communication Styles = Collaboration or Conflict?

    Each of us communicates in our own unique style. Sometimes that "works" for us and those we work & live with; but other times these differences cause misunderstanding, judgment, stress. WHY? Because we do not understand how other people view "our style". Learn some tips on understanding your own style & reading others' styles.

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