• IGNITE Speaker Announcement #7 David Martin: Leading Your A-Team

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    Dave is a local business owner and leadership developer with a diverse background in defense, business, and education. Joining the military shortly after the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001, Dave led troops over four combat tours and participated in efforts in 20 countries. His service and actions have been recognized in numerous ways including twice with Bronze Star Medals. Dave is a graduate of the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY, the US Army Ranger School, the JFK Special Warfare School, and the Special Forces Detachment Leader Course. Among other assignments, Dave commanded a Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha or "A-Team" within 5th Special Forces Group. After making people 'not smile' for so long in the military, Dave transitioned to business and opened A-Team Food Services, LLC with his wife Samantha in 2015 and Menchie's Hillside Village in 2016. Menchie's simple mission statement is "We make you smile." In education, Dave taught for five semesters at Baylor University and continues to actively study and teach leadership. Mentored by John C. Maxwell, Dave regularly trains leaders on "fielding, building, leading, optimizing, and serving their best players or "A-Teams." Locally, Dave remains a 'quiet professional' and serves on the Board of Directors of the Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce. Dave resides with his wife and three daughters in Cedar Hill just a few minutes from where his family lived decades ago.

    David will be speaking on the topic- Leading Your A-Team- Your best players need you in ways that are not readily apparent. To perform optimally, your A-Team requires an environment, structure, and conversation that is different than what 95% of leaders know to provide. "Leading Your A-Team" will challenge your views of leadership and the role you play on your team as you guide, direct, and mentor the best players in your organization.

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