What is the Chamber?

The Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce is an independent non-profit 501 (c)(6) organization of businessmen and women investing their resources in community development programs – working together to improve the economic, civic and cultural fortitude of Cedar Hill.

The Cedar Hill Chamber represents a unique partnership with business, civic, educational and citizen leaders in Cedar Hill as well as in the southwest sector of Dallas County, also known as the Best Southwest Partnership. The goal of this partnership is to serve and enhance our community through business growth and development.

What is the Chamber Mission?

The mission of the Cedar Hill Chamber is to create dynamic experiences for businesses through innovative training, collaborative partnerships, and Advocacy.

What is the Chamber Vision?

Envisioning a thriving business community built on the values of excellence, service, innovation, and collaboration.

How does the Chamber Function?

The Cedar Hill Chamber accomplishes its work through a combination of paid staff and volunteers. The governing structure of the Chamber consists of the Board of Directors, including an Executive Board, representing tall segments of our community. Articles of Incorporation, Constitution and by-laws and a Policy Manual govern activities of the Chamber.

Each year the Chamber board develops a Program of Work designed to enhance our community. Careful analysis of the community needs, challenges, and future issues is done in order to develop the Program of Work. Implementation of the Program is made possible through the involvement of working committees comprised of member volunteers and community leaders. The members, their efforts, voice, and commitment toward these programs are the backbone of the organization.

Meetings of the committees and councils are held at varying times and locations each month, but there are general membership gatherings that occur regularly.