STEWARDSHIP TEAM: (Financial Development of Organization)

Identified Goals: Sustained Membership Growth

1.   Member / Investor Growth:  15% new member investors

2.   Business Member Retention:  90%

3.   Top 20 – Campaign of at least one business per quarter by full Board, followed up with phone calls & visits if needed.

Continued Events/Fund Raising:

PARTNERSHIP TEAM: (Business Development)

Del Ramirez        Kathy Draxler      Warren Goss       Steve Hendon     April Soria

Identified Goals:   Improve Current Committees / Events    

1.   Government Affairs

2.   City / Chamber Business IMPACT

3.   Chamber Night Out (After Hour Networking)

4.   Competitive Edge Coaching | Speaker Series

5.   Social Media | Communications

Continued Committees / Events

LEADERSHIP TEAM: (Organization Development)

Identified Goals:   Develop and maintain a high QUALITY organization      

1.   Create a VALUE statement of the organization

2.   Review By-Laws – Dr. Kirt Speaks

3.   Organizations Finances – Michael Lemmon

4.   Cedar Hill Day in Austin – Steve Mason

5.   Create a means to learn “Best Practices” from local, state or national Chambers to improve overall organization.

6.   Accreditation

Best Southwest Board

Six representatives appointed to serve the BSW Organization, terms rotate and are assigned at various time limits.

Board Members

Leadership Southwest Board

Three representatives appointed to serve the LSW Organization, terms rotate and are assigned at three year time limits.

Board Members