Competitive Edge Business Forum

The Competitive Edge Business Forum is the premier educational program of the Cedar Hill Chamber and Practice To Business. Business and professional development classes take place during select months during lunch time (12-1 pm ) and is FREE to members.


August 19, 2014

Creative Think

Join us for a fun and interactive hour of creativity in action.  We will be participating in games, challenges, and some surprises that will have you drawing on your creativity.  We are all creative and our ability to tap into that creativity is important to our success.  Come have some fun with us.


April-Know Your Strengths

Successful people know either consciously or intuitively what their strengths are, yet studies tells us that at least 66% of the population doesn’t have any idea what their individual strengths are.  Operating from a strengths base helps us tap into our natural resources to create life-changing results.

During this forum we are going to talk about why strengths are so important, how you identify your strengths, develop them, and tools that are available to help you understand your unique set of strengths.

June-What Do You Do?

Do you get caught off-guard when someone asks you this question?  In that instant you have an opportunity to respond in a way that informs and motivates the other person to ask for more information and very possibly become your new customer.

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