Program of Work

 STEWARDSHIP TEAM: (Financial Development of Organization)

Identified Goals:                                       Sustained Membership Growth

1)      Member / Investor Growth:  15% new member investors

Board of Directors – commitment to sign up one new member each in 2013

2)      Business Member Retention:   90%

3)      Top 20 – Campaign of at least one business per quarter by full Board, followed up with phone calls & visits if needed.

Continued Events/Fund Raising:

Chamber 101 – Maximizing Membership

Gala & Auction

Golf Tournament                                                                          Methodist Charlton

Taste of Cedar Hill & Business Expo                                     Michael Lemmon & David C. Wilson, Sr

Welcome Program


PARTNERSHIP TEAM: (Business Development)

Del Ramirez        Kathy Draxler              Warren Goss                      Steve Hendon                April Soria

Identified Goals:                                       Improve Current Committees / Events    

  1. Government Affairs
  1. City / Chamber Business IMPACT

City Manager             Economic Development                 Planning & Zoning

Transportation          (Other city departments)

(welcome to come to Grapevine, 4th Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m., City Hall to experience and plan)

  1. Chamber Night Out (Last Monday – Happy Hour Networking)
  2. Competitive Edge Coaching / Speaker Series
  3. Social Media – Communications

Continued Committees / Events

Texas Scholars                                                Jill Heyerdahl & Jonathan Davis

Lunch and Learn

Networking Lunch

Open For Business Guide


LEADERSHIP TEAM: (Organization Development)

Identified Goals:                                     Develop and Maintain a high QUALITY organization      

  1. Create a VALUE statement of the organization
  1. Review By-Laws                                                                                   Dr. Kirt Speaks
  1. Organizations Finances                                                                       Michael Lemmon
  1. Cedar Hill Day in Austin                                                                       Steve Mason
  1. Create a means to learn “Best Practices” from local, state or national Chambers to improve overall organization.
  2. Accreditation

Continued Committees:

Young Professionals                                                                                                  Phillip Washington

Finance Committee                                                                                                    Michael Lemmon

Board of Directors

Executive Board

Business Operations


Best Southwest Board

Six representatives appointed to serve the BSW Organization, terms rotate and are assigned at various time limits.

Board Members

Chamber Board Chair – Honorable Tom Kennedy      Current – Dec 2013

Chamber Board Chair Elect – Maranda Auzenne         Current – Dec 2014

Chamber Member – Billie Ballangee                                  Current – Dec 2013

Chamber President – Amanda Skinner                            Standing Position

CH City Councilman – Chris Parvin                                   Standing Position

CH Economic Development – Allison Thompson        Standing Position


Leadership Southwest Board

Three representatives appointed to serve the LSW Organization, terms rotate and are assigned at three year time limits.

Board Members

Executive Board Representative Maranda Auzenne Current – June 2013

Membership Representative Mike Anguiano Current – June 2012